Very select, selections:

Work / Social Justice

“Inside the Elaborate Schemes Restaurants Use to Survive Health Inspections” - Eater

“The Luxury of Quitting” - Eater

“What's The Deal With All These Australians In NYC?” - Gothamist

“Babylon Backs Down: What will the decriminalization of marijuana mean for Jamaica’s Rastafarians?” - Slate


“Why Female Surfers Are Finally Getting Paid Like Their Male Peers” - The Atlantic

“The Curious Bond Between Surfers and Burritos” - Extra Crispy

Like it or not, the Brazilian Storm Has Taken Over Pro Surfing” - Vice


A Guide to the Diverse Cassette Scene of Santiago, Chile” - Bandcamp

Amen Dunes has always written pop songs. Now he wants people to actually hear them” - The FADER

“N.C. Raga Revival Holds a Space for Indian Classical Music in the Triangle” - Indy Week

“The King of Ska: Essential Tracks From Prince Buster, 1938-2016” - Large Up

“The Weird One: Devadip Carlos Santana and Turiya Alice Coltrane’s “Illuminations” - RBMA Daily


“Ed’s Ashes” - Queen Mob’s Teahouse

“The Knife” - The Fanzine